Our physicians participate in the Medicare program. Medicare recipients are responsible to pay 20% of the approved Medicare allowance, if not paid by supplemental insurance. Our practice also participates with:

  • Aetna PPO
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida
  • Community Health Partners PPO Plans
  • United Healthcare PPO

We encourage you to call your individual plan to verify participation.

Transparency Information

In an effort to promote healthcare price and transparency to enable consumers to make informed choices regarding healthcare treatment, our business office team can provide an estimate of charges prior to your procedure. Through the process of insurance verification, benefits will be obtained to provide out of pocket expense information. Please note this will be an estimate only, your actual cost may vary based on actual services rendered and final adjudication of your claim. Discounts are provided to uninsured and self-pay patients. We also accept patient referrals from Community Charity organizations.

Patient Pathology and Laboratory Policy

Patients will receive advanced notification and the contact information for any pathology and/or laboratory providers that may be involved in your care to obtain cost information. Additional charges from these providers will apply in cases where biopsies are taken or polyps are removed during treatment at our center.

Patients may access additional information about our facility on the State of Florida’s Ambulatory Surgery Center website at www.floridahealthfinder.gov.

Information on payments made to the facility for defined bundles of services and procedures is available at https://pricing.floridahealthfinder.gov/. The service bundle information is a non-personalized estimate of costs that may be incurred by the patient for anticipated services, and actual costs will be based on services actually provided to the patient.

For additional information, please contact our Centralized Business Office at (239) 649-7879.