The Gastroenterology Group of Naples is proud to offer ORBERA®, the world’s leading weight loss balloon system. This non-surgical, two-part weight loss program offers the ORBERA® intragastric balloon and an individually tailored dietary support program. Studies show those who participant in a weight loss program that includes ORBERA® can lose up to 50 pounds.

How it Works

You will be assessed by one of our gastroenterologists to determine whether the ORBERA® gastric balloon weight loss system is right for you. If approved, you will meet with members of your weight loss team including your physician, nurse and dietician to discuss each step in the 12-month program.

Placement of the ORBERA® weight loss balloon is a simple outpatient procedure that takes about 20 minutes and can be performed in our on-site Gulfshore Endo Center. Over the next six months, you will begin to experience significant weight loss as the balloon slows digestion and influences portion control.

After six months, the balloon will be removed by your gastroenterologist and you will begin a six-month dietary maintenance plan with your ORBERA® support team.

Call us to speak to a nurse and discuss whether you qualify for this new weight loss procedure at (239) 649-6965. For more information about the ORBERA® weight loss balloon, watch the video below or click HERE.